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Free Webinar 5/10!

And May’s Update   May Update & Invitation   Greetings all, This Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the NASW-MI May Conference on the future

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October 2022 by Jessica Bruman -Roger ian Theory WHAT IS IT?Person centered theory (also known as Rogerian Theory) was developed by a psychologist named Carol

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The Peer Approach

By: Chloe Nicholson, Kovir LLC Intern Social isolation can result in many health risks such as increased risk of dementia, risk of heart disease and

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“Through a Lifespan…”

By: Gloria Nam, MSW Intern A common misconception that children may have about adults is that adults have their lives “allfigured out” and know all

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Senior Center Registration

Passionate & Purposeful: A Senior Center Accelorator Registration Our Piloted Services Produced: National Accreditation Readiness Increased Membership Post Covid Outreach Strategies Website Engagement Social Media

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