About Us @ Kovir LLC

What Matters To Us

For organizations and professionals to have a more meaningful impact on their communities.

Why it Matters

There are growing needs, there are less resourced professionals and agencies serving it.

How We Address It

More meaningful impact in our communities happens when an organization’s ecosystem, with an emphasis on staff competence, is supported.  Examples include:

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Service Development,
  • Grant Writing and Research,
  • Launching Digital Services,
  • Technology Support and Purchasing,
  • Professional Development, and
  • Professional Community. 

How We Got Here

Founded originally as KovirPage LLC, the team strived to help grassroots non-profits and small businesses write grants, develop sustainable programs, and create a website (a division that soon became KovirTech).

In 2020 with the presence of Covid-19 changing the landscape of needs, we narrowed our outreach to aging services.  We implemented WizeCove as a solution to impact more agencies at lower costs. 

We were soon able to introduce AgeFlux, initially a virtual senior center solution that gained traction with churches and home health services.  

In 2021, not only did we change our name to Kovir LLC, but our team members were able to:

  • Expand WizeCove to more of the aging sector,
  • Launched In-Services addressing older people and digital engagement;
  • Launched “Sprint” Courses in grant writing and strategic planning;
  • Launched a local DE&I Task Force,
  • Launched The Guild for Social Work Supervisors, 
  • Spoke at NASW Michigan Conference,
  • Spoke at NCOA Conference,
  • Provided Training for NAAP,
  • Provided Training for Digital Connection Corps, and more.
assessment leads to competence leads to

Approaches & Methods

Strength Based

(Eco)System Based

Person Centered 

Human Centered Design


Evidence Based

Visionary Organizations



GATED Communities

NASW Code of Ethics

NASW Supervision Code of Ethics

NASW Technology Code of Ethics

Our Core Ideology

We believe all communities can be better places to live. We desire for all communities to be positively impacted by the professionals and organizations serving them. We hope all communities being served by our clients are more inclusive, healthier places to thrive.


We believe organizations want to be sustainable – financially, programmatically, etc. We desire for all organizations to do more with their resources as well as access additional resources. We hope all organizations will have a more meaningful impact on the communities they serve.


We believe all professionals have something to learn and have something to contribute. We desire for all professionals to be competent, informed, equipped, and empowered to grow and collaborate. We hope professionals will be seekers and improvers. 


As a social enterprise, we believe that we should be profitable in order to remain sustainable and achieve reasonable growth, but also elevate our commitment to values and purpose over the pursuit of profits. We desire to create or find quality solutions that are affordable for our clients and utilize their available resources best.  We hope by investing in our organization and professionals, we can serve our clients and communities to the fullest.