October 2022 by Jessica Bruman -Roger ian Theory WHAT IS IT?Person centered theory (also known as Rogerian Theory) was developed by a psychologist named Carol Rogers in the 1940’s. It is a very popular form of psychotherapy used today where the therapist works together with a client, using a nondirective, empathetic approach that motivates the […]

The Peer Approach

By: Chloe Nicholson, Kovir LLC Intern Social isolation can result in many health risks such as increased risk of dementia, risk of heart disease and stroke, and risk of premature death. According to the CDC, nearly one fourth of adults 45 and older are considered socially isolated. One fourth! Although this number is shockingly high, […]

Systems Approach at Senior Centers Part 1

By: Anna Pekrul, BSW, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Associate What is Systems Theory? Social workers who utilize Systems Theory in their practice believe: “It is not possible to understand the whole without recognizing how the component parts interact, affect and change each other. As the parts interact, they create the character and function of the […]

“Through a Lifespan…”

By: Gloria Nam, MSW Intern A common misconception that children may have about adults is that adults have their lives “allfigured out” and know all the answers to life. The reality is that development and learning doesnot stop when we reach adulthood, but rather continues until the last moment of our lives.This reality is called […]

Organization Tips for Your Office and Computer Files

Organization Tips for Your Office and Computer Files Whether your office works in-person or remotely, efficiency is best cultivated through a strong organization. The ability to locate necessary resources and documents quickly and easily can make all the difference in getting the job done. However, efficient organization is solely accomplished through persistent attention and effort; […]

Grant Feedback

Background: In the spring of 2022, 361 nonprofit organizations seeking to improve their grant writing skills sent 400 representatives to a grant writing workshop hosted by Kovir LLC and Volunteer Florida. Following the workshop, all participants were encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge they learned by submitting a sample grant proposal on behalf of […]


Case Study: Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County Background: Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County (GWDE) is a nonprofit organization that serves all three counties in Delaware and an additional county in neighboring Pennsylvania. GWDE employs nearly 1,100 individuals who serve the local community throughout 19 unique locations – including their retail stores, job resource […]

MMAP Organizational Development

The Problem: MMAP, Inc. is a free healthcare-benefit counseling service. The goal is to help Mighigan’s Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries navigate their health benefits. The organization identified that they need to improve with maintaining contracts, staff workflows, communication, leadership, and capacity concerns. Analysis: Kovir LLC conducted a full assessment of the organization and those within […]

Case Study: Dexter’s Strategic Planning

Dexter Senior Center provides a place for older adults to engage in socialization, participate in activities, and receive health services to encourage successful aging in the community. The Problem The organization had concerns about the future of the center and its existence. They recognized the need to grow in membership and presence in the community. […]

Case Study: Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida is a community-based organization that helps the community by fostering volunteerism and leveraging its resources. They provide millions of dollars to expand national service, promote disaster resilience, and advocate for volunteerism in Florida. The Problem Volunteer Florida was interested in offering a grant writing course for other agencies that apply for their grant […]