Free Webinar 5/10!

And May’s Update   May Update & Invitation   Greetings all, This Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the NASW-MI May Conference on the future of social work presenting on Hubs for Healthy Aging. I’m sending a lot of you to Anna to make sure your needs are met! We are going to start doing […]

Remote Work Stipends

by Jessica Lyskawa, BSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern Background:  Work from home stipends also known as remote work stipends are an optional benefit that employers can provide to their employees who work from home. This is usually a fixed amount that can be paid annually, monthly, or even paid via reimbursement. There are also companies […]

Generation X

By: Anna Pekrul, BSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern  Understanding Generation X Generation X was born during a very unique time in history. As children and young adults of the 1980s and early 90s, this generation grew up in a world whose societal values were rapidly shifting. Compared to the generation that came before them, Generation […]

Good Grief! Is That All?

Types of Grief Defined By Rachel Rutledge, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern  Anticipatory grief, complicated grief, chronic grief, delayed grief, distorted grief, cumulative grief, prolonged grief, exaggerated grief, secondary loss, masked grief, disenfranchised grief, traumatic grief, ambiguous loss, inhibited grief, abbreviated grief, absent grief, vicarious grief, integrated grief… (Haley, 2013). Woah, who knew there were […]

Why Your Aging Clients Need Good Credit

By: Karen Huang, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern A TransUnion survey from 2017 stated only 16% of baby boomers find maintaining good credit to be a top financial priority when preparing for retirement. However, credit may be important to continue to build, even as seniors go into retirement. You may be thinking, homes and cars […]

Starting Fresh with Social Media

By: Karen Huang, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern Social media could be a helpful way for nonprofits to keep clients and members engaged, while attracting the interest of new people who stumble upon the organization’s account. During moments when people are not physically seeing each other in-person, they may reach out to social media for […]

Board Games for Older Adults! Part 3 of 3

By: Karen Huang, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern Are you waiting for all three parts of this board game recommendation list?? Have you tried out some of the games already?  Here are the final 5 games of this list. I hope you enjoy!  Love letter  2-4 Players Playtime: 20 min Players have their own imaginary […]

Board Games for Older Adults! Part 2 of 3

By: Karen Huang, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern What did you think of the games from Part I of the list? If you didn’t have a chance to check those out, you can always refer back to them.  For now, though, let’s look ahead to the next 5 recommended board games on the list!  Sagrada […]

Board Games for Older Adults! Part 1 of 3

By: Karen Huang, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Intern Board games can be an exciting recreational activity for older adults to preserve their cognitive function and engage in a variety of novel tasks. Through social interactions, older adults have opportunities to communicate, plan, and adjust their decisions as they progress in the game (Dartigues et al., […]

Understanding the Difference Between Grief and Mourning 

Written By Rachel Rutledge, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC, Intern  A common misunderstanding in the world of loss is that grief and mourning are essentially the same thing. Let’s clear this up.  What Is Grief Anyway? Grief is the wide array of complicated thoughts and feelings that people experience in response to loss (Center for Complicated […]