Case Study: Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida is a community-based organization that helps the community by fostering volunteerism and leveraging its resources. They provide millions of dollars to expand national service, promote disaster resilience, and advocate for volunteerism in Florida.

The Problem

Volunteer Florida was interested in offering a grant writing course for other agencies that apply for their grant opportunities and other nonprofits in their community. They were looking to run a grant writing program that would provide the participants with a grant writing certificate.  In addition, they wanted to tailor the workshop to teach the information they require for their grand application process.

The Execution

Kovir LLC collaborated with Volunteer Florida to create a grant writing course that would cover all the pieces necessary in a grant.  Kovir LLC and Volunteer then provided an informational program with a workbook that supplies a chance to practice the skill that was learned during the week. The workshop also provided participants to engage with those from other nonprofits to receive feedback on the practice activities. The course taught:

  • Grant preparation
  • Logic models and theory of change
  • Writing the proposals
  • Budgets and justification
  • Best practice
  • Grant year overview

The Results

Kovir LLC and Volunteer Florida offered the grant writing course and 400 individuals from different organizations signed up. All participants were offered the 12-week program with a workbook that they could participate with.