What to Expect

During your onboarding, we’ll have four planned meetings:

  1. What to Expect Kick-Off Meeting (~30 mins)
  2. Structure Workshop Session (~1.5 hours)
  3. Populating Workshop Session (~1.5 hours)
  4. Building and Maintaining Engagement Session (~1.5 hours)

The rest of this article hits on many topics discussed during the what to expect kick-off meeting.

Our team offers additional training sessions and troubleshooting as your team needs.

All meetings are remote and you are welcome to invite your team members to any and all of the sessions. We do recommend the staff or volunteers helping build the site be present for the structure session and the staff or volunteers acting as moderators to be present in the Engagement Session. Think about who you’d designate as (it could be the same person):

  • Project Lead
  • Community Manager Lead
  • Techical Lead
  • Branding and Design Lead

While building and launching your AgeFlux solution could happen as quickly as 1 month, most average 4-6 months to full launch (during Populate Session, we discuss involving beta testers prior to full launch). The timing completely depends on the clarity of your agency’s vision as well as availability to meet and do the good work.

We will make your desired features available, update themes, and depending on your plan create your imagery for you – and we’ll teach you how to update these as well. You are responsible for providing the content including but not limited to the posts you want, registration information, event information, videos, connecting your external accounts, etc.

Your Customer Success Manager will review some expectations with you, as seen below. Please communicate your expectations and concerns as well!

[Agency] AdminsHeaderTask
MaintenanceI understand that planned maintenance of the platform or other technical incidents will be communicated. If my staff or users notice a bug, we will report it as soon as possible.
SaaSI understand that AgeFlux is a SaaS service and that feature requests will be prioritized by urgency depending on the value for the overall client portfolio.
SuccessI understand that my customer success manager, [Name], will help ensure that I am taking advantage of the platform as a tool to reach my goals. I understand it’s up to our organization to drive the community and invest the time and effort to make the members engage.
Mobile AppI understand that the preparation and generation of the Mobile App will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks to complete and will require temporary adjustments to the platform.
APII understand that AgeFlux does not provide technical assistance to integrate customer data via API (we will, however, provide the API codes when possible in order to make integration possible)
SSOIF SSO: I understand that AgeFlux does not provide technical assistance to integrate customer authentication via a third party database (we will, however, facilitate the connection my third party database to enable single-sign on)

Looking forward to working with you! #