Grant Feedback


In the spring of 2022, 361 nonprofit organizations seeking to improve their grant writing skills sent 400 representatives to a grant writing workshop hosted by Kovir LLC and Volunteer Florida. Following the workshop, all participants were encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge they learned by submitting a sample grant proposal on behalf of their organization for constructive feedback and critique. In total, 61 organizations submitted a grant proposal during the feedback period. 


Nonprofit organizations attended the workshop for two primary reasons. First, to expand their existing knowledge of the grant writing process and receive constructive feedback on grant proposals. These proposals could be an initiative for which they were currently seeking funding or could be a general sample they would use as a guide for future funding endeavors. 


Kovir LLC worked with Volunteer Florida to offer organizations comprehensive grant feedback through a predetermined assessment system. This system allowed participants to receive a meaningful review of their work, including more significant ways to improve and implement content from the workshop lessons. Additionally, submissions were provided an overall strength rating of 1 (needs work), 2 (okay), or 3 (strong) to indicate how well their proposal would perform if submitted to funders as-is.


Proposals were reviewed and assessed in the order in which they were received. If an organization had a specific deadline to meet, Kovir LLC and Volunteer Florida did their best to accommodate them. All submissions received an overall performance rating between 1-3, and detailed commentary on the proposal’s significant strengths and weaknesses. Following the feedback period, this assessment was returned to the organization along with an offer to provide additional, more personalized support if requested.