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Create Your Own AgeFlux

A Virtual Community Center for Older Adults
Because Tech is for Older People Too

Older users have been taught when they encounter errors, especially digital ones, the fault is their own: “fat fingers,” “shaky hands,” or perhaps their lack of digital intelligence.

Let us be clear:  the design team is at fault, not the older person. 

Society consistently neglects aging persons and those with disabilities during their design process.  Small targets, confusing animations, inconsistent site and interaction patterns, and the list goes on.

UX designers, UI designers, and the agency that hired them should have taken their customers into account when creating the experience and interface.  They need to understand the physical changes we experience, cognitive changes, and how older clients want to use the tools provided.  In fact, the design team consistently neglecting the needs of older users contributes to the everyday ageism older people experience.

Reach your aging community members with virtual programs and content to complement your on-site operations.

A white-label online community platform designed for older people (“white label” means your name is displayed, not ours).  

Create a social community and maintain a catalog of on-demand programs to keep your participants supported whether they are homebound or you are closed (… for a pandemic, inclement weather, renovations, whatever the case).  Your clients can take you with them when they travel!

We build it. You Leverage it.

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How AgeFlux addresses at least two of the Grand Challenges:

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