About the Workbook:
Digital Community Building for Older Adult Services

This 41-page workbook provides aging services with direction on how to build intentional online services for older adults. This guide is ideal for program directors, executive directors, board of directors, and small teams with little to no IT support.

This workbook includes:

  • Setting Goals to ensure administrators and users get the most out of this expansion,
  • How to choose your platform,
  • How to build out your platform,
  • How to fill your online community,
  • And we’ll address your sustainability plan.

We’ve also included some extras for tablet lending programs, peer tech support, and intergenerational tech support.  This workbook is also provided in the Online Course: How to Build Online Community for Older Adults. 

View the overview page below.  For additional training and coaching on aging and/or technology, please view our KovirAge Track and/or KovirTech Track.

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