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About Everyday Ageism

Ageism is the interpersonal and systemic prejudice against older people. 

While we usually explain everyday ageism as microaggressions due to implicit bias, we’ve recently heard it described as a denial of what it means to grow older.

But if you know us at Kovir, you know that we spend more time talking about the solutions and actions we have control and impact over.  How are Kovir and our client organizations combating everyday ageism?

Research has shown the following reduces ageism:

(1) Education about Aging

(2) Extended Contact with Aging Persons

Yes! Those are the two most effective and those are definitely initiatives we drive forward.  

We offer our client organizations and subscription clients aging education.  We want you, the professionals, to be knowledgeable about the persons you are working with.  We know that if we can train 5 professionals who each interact with 100 older persons over the following month, that’s an impact of 505 people in one month.

We host events on our site but also do inservices for organizations and associations on request.

As far as extended contact, many of our clients operate community-based services that we encourage older volunteers and younger volunteers to do work together.  Partnerships with universities, in particular, are something to be explored!

We promote both intergenerational and peer “extended contact” because of the high rate at which older adults experience internalized ageism – blaming their age for a mistake or pain or feeling.  Age itself is not the culprit.

At Kovir, we’ve designed and promote two new services based on client requests and the national landscape on ageism and technology: Training Peer Tech Coaches and Training Intergenerational Tech Coaches.

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