About Intergenerational Tech Coaching

“Intergenerational” is a term we use when talking about younger generations working alongside older generations.  “Tech Coaches” can also be referred to as “Digital Navigators” or “Digital Guides.” 

We encourage community-based organizations to partner young people with older people in a meaningful way, instead of letting a “youngin” swoop in a fix the issue.  To avoid that kind of one-sided relationship, Kovir’s tech and aging tracks emphasize the partnership between these two groups – and we can train you.  Click here to read what our friends have been researching and writing about.

How do we train young people?

When Kovir leads these trainings, we cover some of the following topics:

  • Everyday Digital Ageism
    • Understanding your own implicit bias is important, especially intergenerational programs and technology – where the clients will fit the ageist assumptions.  We’ll also talk about how this program will benefit multiple areas of wellness for both the coach and student.
    • Supplement: Implicit Bias Test
  • Aging and Accessibility
  • Adult Learning Models
    • This session teaches the effective methods for teaching adults new skills as well as how to discover what works best for the tech coach and student user.
  • User Experience 
    • Being knowledgeable in the systems you, the coach, are using will be beneficial to the smoothness of the program and building the confidence of the student user.  
  • Tech Ethics and Scams
    • We’ll discuss best practices and ethical dilemmas you may encounter as a coach.  We’ll talk about the most frequent requests for help as well as the scams older adults experience at a disproportional rate.
    • Supplement: Scammer Payback

How do we set up this program?

This is a great question but will vary greatly depending on your needs and resources. 

Option one: Register for our self-paced intergenerational tech coach (ITC) training below.


Option two: Something custom. Maybe you want additional classes for your coaches.  Maybe you want a Q&A workshop with our team as part of your training set-up. Maybe you want help with program development, measures, funding, etc. Maybe you want a booking site created to go with your program.  We can work with you on that should you need it.

If that’s the case, let’s talk below.

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