DE&I Anti-Racism Bundle

Diversity - Equity - Inclusion with a focus on Race

Our Growing Collection

Kovir LLC is honored to have been asked to lead several talks on diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.  

Let us be clear, “diversity” does not and should not be used to in replacement of the word race. Diversity, as you’ll learn, is the variety of human differences, therefore it also includes age, gender, orientation, income, political status, family status, and so very much more.

Given the requested topics by our clients and funding available to provide the presentations, not to mention the tragic deaths of black and Asian persons, these bundled webinars do have a focus on anti-racism work.

Currently this bundle has seven talks, approximately 45-60 minutes each.

vector image of a diverse group of people talking

Outline of the Bundle

Deconstructing Series

  • Deconstructing DEI
  • Deconstructing “I Don’t See Color”
  • Deconstructing Black Lives Matter


  • How to have Hard Conversations
  • Damaging White-isms


  • Unlearning Racism
  • Racism and Healing

These talks are led by Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro and CEO of Kovir LLC. She has been certified in DEI in the Workplace, and we are proud to share her knowledge as a resource for you.

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