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About Branding

Brand is your visual voice and visual identify. 

Colors are an effective tool to the visual brand and the one many focus on initially.  Research shows that colors help immensely with brand and company recognition!  If you look around our website, we are mostly maroon and gold with some service tracks leveraging an additional monochromatic scheme.  We turn to color psychology to explain why.

Typography is the text font, style, size, weight, and decorations you select.  You’ll notice on our site we use mostly a san serif font (no extra lines) and occasionally we’ll use a titled serif font (like our logo in the top left).  Having a larger, weighted font change indicates a heading! Smaller font with less weight is the body text.  Many fonts, especially display fonts, have a lot of personality and psychology as well!

Think about the values your organizations hold and how your brand can emulate that.

Another common piece of the brand people fixate on is the logo.  We encourage our clients to consider wordmark logos – such as ours in the top left corner.  Larger organizations are moving to this format and unless you have high visibility in your region, many customers won’t know what your elephant means or what your star and swoosh mean.  You need name recognition, so use your name.

You can put all this together in a brand guidelines – typically a short PDF or Presentation to share with your staffers.  It explains not only your selections and why, but also when to use what and how.

Request Your Branding Guidelines Completed in Real Time

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