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About Grant Strategy

Being strategic about your grants allows you to maintain greater sustainability and independence.  It also results in better programs and services for your clients.  YES – having a strategy results in greater impact, which is why it’s something we prioritize when working with our organizational clients.

The basic outline of creating your grant strategy looks like this:

  • Review or create a strategic plan, specifically the vision for growing or exploring new services.
  • Review or create a current funder calendar.  This can include restricted and unrestricted donor funds.
  • Research new funders who can fill in the gaps or address new needs.
  • Organize agency documentation such as 501(c)3 proof, board of director roster, board approved annual budget, etc.
  • Logic models drafted for the programs that you are hoping to build or expand.
  • Program budgets drafted for programs that you are hoping to build or expand.

Why do we need all of this?

Our clients have discovered that by taking these steps, their “stress scramble” is significantly less.  They have a better sense of which program they will apply to first, which funder fits which program, and are able to manage their time better around these tasks.

They’ve also found that when they need to outsource their grant narrative writing, they have everything their grant writer needs to be successful.

As an agency who got their start doing grant writing, we can tell you how tense it gets when we have to keep prompting the hiring agency for documentation or explanations.  Please, please avoid this.

If you decide you need to write the grant yourself, consider using our workbook or self-paced course as resource guides. 

Any other questions? Let's talk about Grants.

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