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We believe YOU can Do-It-Yourself… 

This course is designed to teach you how to write a grant proposal, or application. We start you off in the grant writing process with organizing your agency and information.  You need to know where your agency is headed long term to know what steps you might need to take along the way. 

We really encourage clients to do a free writing activity – you can call it “Vision Casting” or just a “Brain Dump.”  Knowing you can write down all your ideas without anyone telling you it will or won’t work can give you a lot of insight into where you hope to take your agency in the future.

Once you have these ideas, put them on a timeline. This gives you a sense of what project needs to come next and what needs to wait.  

Now you have a project or two in mind, you can flesh out your ideas with your team.  Getting everyone on the same page on even the small details is critical to keeping your project flowing forward smoothly. 

…If your team is just you, think again – you have a board of directors you bring things to and a friend or significant other you lean on for brainstorming. 

…If your team is two or three, then you are in the sweet zone.  Just make sure everyone is clear on who is lead and who has what tasks as the application moves forward.

…If your team has four or more, collectively there is a ton of experience and wisdom there!  But there is often some clashing that happens too.  Here you have to be extra clear on responsibilities.

Next up is organizing your data and documents.  There are many pieces of data, statements, numbers, and documents you have to come back to again and again.  Post your mission statement on the wall, make a google doc of all your frequently used data, keep an electronic folder with your IRS Letter of Determination, Board Approved Budget, Organizational Chart, and other documents frequently asked to be attached to your grant applications.

Finally, organizing your funding calendar.  Which foundation has a cycle opening soon?  How much did they give us last year?  What have they denied us for?  What types of programs do they give to regularly?  Who wrote that last?  How will we keep track of tasks?  With a combination of the funding calendar I have for you to download along with your Google calendar (or your other favorite type of calendar), you can keep good track of what’s on the horizon to fit your non-profit’s needs.

Once you are organized, we can move forward!

We’ll learn how to find a grant, how to map out your project for the grant, how to write the grant application, and how to wrap it up, including the year end report you’ll have to write.

Now go do it yourself!

Take the whole course!

This course is designed to lead you through finding, writing an entire grant and be ready for submission at your pace. 

Our grant writing process includes program development and reporting readiness.  Our method ensures your program is as successful as possible for your organization, your clients, and helps you maintain a positive, sustainable rapport with your funders.

We work with you to make a sustainable program and use the SMARTER goals framework to support your success.

Self-paced with 4 modules, 23 lessons, a workbook, and now including a bonus tips video and a bonus 990 instructional video.

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My staffer and I took this together and learning how to make a program with a logic model was the most beneficial for us. It was hard, but by the time we got to writing we knew exactly what we were writing for. Thanks!
businesswoman using laptop at her desk
Cherie Wisdom
Senior Center Director
We had no idea we needed all these documents pulled together. We we went for our first grant - wow, sure enough, everything Kovir had told us about we needed and we were glad we had a folder ready to go. So much less stress!
businesswoman using laptop at her desk
Kim Johnson
Assistant Director
“Marie has sought, written, and managed several grants ranging from local foundations to governmental entities. Marie produces top quality work. She offers an intuitive grasp on program/funding needs, practicalities, and funder mind sets. Having experience in managing funds received and working closely with those tasked with implementing grant funded programs provide a well-rounded skill set which sets her apart from most other grant writing services.”
businesswoman using laptop at her desk
Jennifer Michalak
Executive Director at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living
“Marie possesses many outstanding qualities in the writing arena. She follows guidelines and thinks in creative ways of innovative approaches to securing funds. Marie will also be devoted to your organization’s goals and ideas and represent your organization by working well with others. Finally, Marie uses common sense when writing, capitalizing on your organization’s goals and strengths. Marie is a seasoned professional writer who will be a real asset to your fund-seeking efforts. I recommend her to your organization for your consideration without reservation.”
businesswoman using laptop at her desk
Robert Miller, LMSW
Social Work Professor at Eastern Michigan University