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About Devices

We offer a variety of solutions when it comes to devices.  We’ve made partners across tech to bring you quality devices.  Our CTO has launched a new “Device As A Service” services (DaaS) to offer organizations even better products without the upfront cost.  You can schedule your appointment to talk devices at the bottom of this page.


Fast, powerful, and efficient computing that accelerates your impact throughout the day. We offer mobile, desktop, and data center computing solutions from Lenovo®1. We incorporate mobile and workstation oriented computing resources to provide a balanced blend of productivity and convenience. From high performance computing (HPC), to data servers, to graphic design and light office work, we configure a system this is flexible to fit your work load.

Data Storage

Store your data in Synology®2 network attached storage (NAS) devices, enabling your organization to collaborate and assemble data at scale. One, two, three offices, you are covered. Adopt a cohesive data network that provides secure access to multiple offices within your organization. Leverage efficient redundancies built into your data infrastructure: protecting your up-time, preserving your continuity. Integrate with cloud infrastructure for offsite data backup and customer facing services.


Connect your organization efficiently and with ease. Provide customers guest wifi access, connect mobile and workstation workloads, and segregate your network zones to provide a layered security approach. Keep access to your devices and data safe, keep your network tight and up to date. Push Gigabit speed for data demanding applications or support a large crowd for events.


Transform digital to tangible and back again. Produce documents reliably and efficiently, carrying your workforce forward throughout each day. We offer Xerox®3 solutions for your printing needs. Connected to your devices for seamless interactivity. Print, fax, and scan documents for your records or convenience. Invest in quality devices designed for the demands of your organization, going the distance to serve you.

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