About Managed Services

Managed IT services is when a company like yours outsources certain IT functions to a provider, like ours.  It could be as simple as checking your computer fleet for viruses and updates and all the way to a full-fledge IT team.

This can even include leasing equipment from your provider.  It helps ensure that your team is working with the latest and secure tools while handling client information.  

This can include your networking equipment, website, printers, data backup, help desk and support, and more. 

Why do this?

Less stress is one of the first things our clients report.  You and your team don’t have time or knowledge to handle the IT tasks that pile up and at some point, they can’t all be hidden under the rug anymore.  Looking at a massive amount of tasks that you don’t know how to manage is overwhelming and stressful.  So they off-load it on us and we catch them up.

Along the same vein, leveraging managed services frees you and your team to focus on your mission and clients.  Delegate the task to a professional and move on to the work that matters to you.

Your team is able to be more efficient – it’s funny when you update and “clean” your equipment how much quicker it runs!  Not to mention less time spent on mitigating issues.

Doesn’t hurt to consider it and give us a call.

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