MMAP Organizational Development

The Problem:

MMAP, Inc. is a free healthcare-benefit counseling service. The goal is to help Mighiganโ€™s Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries navigate their health benefits. The organization identified that they need to improve with maintaining contracts, staff workflows, communication, leadership, and capacity concerns.


Kovir LLC conducted a full assessment of the organization and those within the organization. This included staff and board member interviews, surveys of those they have contracts with, and reviewing the organization’s policy, work plans, and portal documents. Based on the analysis, Kovir has created a blueprint and c stratic plan to address the key areas.



  • Establish reporting practices that include a year-end evaluation based on performance or metrics.
  • Implement supervision practices by scheduling monthly sessions with the supervisor.
  • Utilizing project management tools can help individuals track their work and allow supervisors to maintain oversight.
  • Implement orientation that provides an orientation plan for each level at MMAP.
  • Apply board of directors development that provides for accountability based on governance practices.
  • Set boundaries with those they contract with.


  • Implement a restructured staff meetings to have agendas and be about agency updates.
  • Implement structured responses to subcontractors, which would allow for a stronger working relationship.
  • Design public communication plan by revamping the website and strategically planning communication channels.
  • Using productivity tools to leverage communication between team members.


  • Utilize productivity tools to automate some tasks that were previously done by hand.
  • Generate automation can allow for staff to have more time to service clients.
  • Creating learning management systems can provide materials on Medicare and Medicaid to all the subcontractors.