Which Of These Challenges Is Your Center Facing Today?

  • Has your center struggled with evolving with the growing aging population?
  • Has your center been looking to diversify funding streams?
  •  Has your center struggled with being understaffed?
  • Are there policy and manual projects you have been putting off because you lack the capacity to research and write them?
  • Are you having a hard time with outreach to your members?
  • Do you need more accountability?
  • Do you want another senior center professional experienced in growth and management to collaborate with?
  • Are you struggling with social media and website work?
While not entirely behind us, it is unanimous that Covid-19 amplified the struggles of our aging community members and how our agencies serve them. Before the pandemic, and now amplified, senior centers like yours have struggled with being understaffed, under-resourced, and lacking training in critical areas, yet GROWING.
Across the US, senior centers have struggled to maintain the centers and services in operation since the pandemic. Subsequently, older adults continue to deal with isolation and lack of access to vital necessities. Aside from the challenges of the pandemic, the senior centers continue to face a substantial and widespread staffing crisis that’s limiting the care and services the centers can provide.
You and your team have done exceptionally well keeping your center afloat and involving the surrounding community. However, you’ll need additional support, strategy, and funding streams to continue this essential work. Despite being severely understaffed and underfunded, your remaining board members and staff have been catapulted to the forefront to cover services.Β 

Get Ahead: Evolve With The Growing Aging Population

Strengthen And Diversify Your Funding Streams

Why should you diversify your funding sources? There’s a famous saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” so if your primary and exclusive source of revenue for your nonprofit is performing successfully, is funding diversification beneficial?Being tied to a single funding stream means you have reduced options for growth.Β 
You can’t do anything that might risk your only source of funding. If you’re adhering to one funding source, your organization may not be receiving enough recognition. Exclusively dealing with one revenue source greatly restricts your exposure as an organization.
Diversification is a powerful method to retain control if you want to keep pulling the strings at your nonprofit. Having several funding streams supplies your senior center with freedom. In your one-on-one with Marie, we’ll discuss how you can diversify the revenue sources of your senior center.Β 
Age is merely a number, and people age differently. When designing websites and applications for older adults, your primary focus must be on ability. Rather than focusing solely on age, our team developed our program around the unique requirements that older adult age groups may have for things like movement control, hearing, vision, and even device bias.Β 

Our team will equip your senior center with an easy-to-navigate website with accessibility and your center’s vision highly prioritized. Our dedicated marketing team will design content for your website and social media channels tailored to your center and community members.

If you are a senior center member or within the community, it’s essential to have access to accurate and up-to-date information on changes, updates, and upcoming activities. A well-designed website can be an invaluable resource for finding this information and staying linked with members and community members who live far away.Β 

Marie’s experienced team will work with your center to create compelling website strategies that help you connect with potential donors and your target audiences. Contact us today to learn more about how our Senior Center Accelerator develops an online presence that supports your Senior Center’s unique needs.
A significant gift means something different for every senior center. Whether the gift is $200, $2,000, or $20,000, one element remains identical: senior centers must engage their most essential donors to construct and maintain long-lasting relationships with them.
 Without these relationships, any donations a senior center receives will be temporary and ineffective. Directors and board members often feel too overwhelmed and understaffed to focus on this critical task.
Our program will help you implement critical internal transformations and systematic efforts. With Marie’s assistance, any senior center can build strong donor relationships, build capacity, and acquire more funding streams for their organization.
 Ready to strengthen your relationships with major donors and community members? Register for the Senior Center Accelerator Program, and let’s get started!


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