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About Supervision

We have so much to say about supervision, we created a whole extra site and service called the Supervision Exchange, please consider checking it out.

We think supervision is important in any profession, and is particularly important in social work.  Because of our Code of Ethics, the power dynamic between us and the client, because of our impact on someone’s health and wellbeing – it is critical that we get mentorship and education as we grow into our careers.

We even recommend for fully licensed practitioners to seek peer consultation groups and mentors.

But back to the limited licensed professional.

You can hire a supervisor if your workplace does not have one.  In some states, your hired supervisor may have to pass additional credentials, but in Michigan you just need to have been practicing for two years and be in good standing.

If you have to hire a supervisor, convince your employer of the value of this service so they will pay all or a portion of the supervision fee (yes, you will need to pay the supervisor).

Yes, you will need to pay the supervisor.  In fact, you’ll want to ensure they have a contract with you as well as professional liability insurance.

Your supervisor can help you with new skills, help you study for the exam, train you to be competent within your shared scope of practice, and so many other perks!  Use your supervisor as a resource, not a task manager.

About our Social Work Supervisor

LLBSWs and LLMSW-Macros for Michigan

In social work, we discuss person center planning with our clients, and that’s how we at Kovir approaches supervision with you. Our sessions will be designed to fit your needs, develop your toolbox, and accomplish your goals. 

Our current supervision clients are doing research and launching their own businesses.

Supervision sessions run for an hour per NASW Licensure requirements.  While the primary focus will be on the work you are engaged with, staple topics we’ll cover throughout our time together will include, but is not limited to:

  • License Test Prep Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Scope of Practice
  • Self- and Other-Awareness 
  • Organizational Policy and Management 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ethics and Liability
  • Social Work and Technology
  • Self Care
  • And more.
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