Analyzing and Strategizing with Organizations

Organizational Development

What is it?

Instead of developing one aspect of your agency, we look across your entire organization for ways to improve.  How can your services be integrated, systems streamlined, evaluation processes improved, and more.  We find where things are taking too long and address it.

Our Theory of Change includes analysis, building competency, building capacity, building impact, then back to analysis. 

Our process applies to our clients as well.

We start with reviewing your current strategic plan, address the knowledge gaps in your current tools and ensure you understand the tools we are recommending/installing.  From there we evaluate progress and go through the cycle as many times as you need us to.

Outdated or No Strategic Plan?

We can work together to get you going or you can take an upcoming live course on our professional development community, WizeCove.  

This Strategic Planning course gets you through the thick of things in one month’s time and gives you a roadmap on how to finish the process with your team.

assessment leads to competence leads to

Sponsored Non-Profit vs. For Profit Talk

Other Specialty Areas

Strategy Facilitation

We have facilitated strategy sessions from one hour long to one day long.  Contact us with your team’s needs.

Digital Strategy for Aging Services

Let our specialized team help you build and strategize digital services and outreach for your aging clients. 

Also feel free to read more about our tools on subject on our implementation page.

Management & Supervision

Kovir CEO Marie Gress has been providing professional social work supervision as well as management and leadership coaching for 6 years.  

Kovir is in process of launching a Social Work Supervision Guild.  This Guild will provide continuing education to supervisors, consultation, and networking.  Click here for more information.

Program Development and Evaluation

We use the SMARTER framework when helping your organization, programs, and services develop a sustainable plan for implementation, growth, and funding.

If you are interested in learning more about funding assistance, please view our grant and narrative page.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity is the range of humanity’s differences:  age, ability, race, gender, orientation, family status, income status, veteran status, and much more.  We find organizational culture and lack of appropriate policies are the biggest threats to maintaining DE&I the way we would dream our agencies to be.

If this is something your organization would like to explore, please contact us for your first steps.

If this is something you personally want to explore, please consider purchasing our DE&I and Anti-Racism Bundle.