Analyzing and Strategizing with Organizations

Organizational Development

What is it?

Instead of developing one aspect of your agency, we look across your entire organization for ways to improve.  How can your services be integrated, systems streamlined, evaluation processes improved, and more.  We find where things are taking too long and address it.

Our Theory of Change includes analysis, building competency, building capacity, building impact, then back to analysis. 

Our process applies to our clients as well.

We start with reviewing your current strategic plan, address the knowledge gaps in your current tools and ensure you understand the tools we are recommending/installing.  From there we evaluate progress and go through the cycle as many times as you need us to.

Outdated or No Strategic Plan?

We can work together to get you going or you can take an upcoming live course on our professional development community, WizeCove.  

This Strategic Planning course gets you through the thick of things in one month’s time and gives you a roadmap on how to finish the process with your team.

Other Specialty Areas

Strategy Faciliation

Management & Supervision

Program Development and Evaluation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ongoing Coaching Options

Often, sites like you are strapped for staff so you are forced to learn how to wear yet another hat.  We can coach you through the balance and provide accountability for actually learning and implementing your new skills.