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Building Wiser Workplaces by Investing in Wiser Workers

Building Wiser Professionals

All of the data shows that while the aging sector is booming, we have a shortage of workers.

A shortage of competent workers.

At Kovir and WizeCove, we know the data.  

We know that if aging sector staff is trained  and knowledgeable, they will drive up positive impact with our clients and our communities.

The Kovir Departments take turns leading monthly webinars and monthly live courses that build your professional toolbelt.

Mentoring coming soon!


Building Wiser Community

We believe leaders shouldn’t lead alone (our podcast) but the rest of us shouldn’t be alone either!

WizeCove operates a national network as well as mini-networks to empower members to talk with other professionals.  

You are also welcome to message each other directly within the app.  Feel free to adjust your profile details if you don’t want people to contact you – you have lots of control.

Our mini-networks are organized by job type, industry, and sometimes partner networks. 

Whether you are a caregiver, executive director, program coordinator, nutrition coordinator, volunteer coordinator, social worker, or board member, WizeCove is for you.

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Connect - Collaborate - Grow

Who Can Join

  • Do you work in the aging sector?  Or interested in transitioning in?
  • Would you enjoy exchanging ideas with others in the sector?
  • Are you comfortable answering other people’s questions based on your experience?
  • Do you have questions to ask?
  • Do you see the value in continuing education?
  • Do you like discounts on continuing education?
  • Do you like to read or listen to content?
  • Are you wishing you could see or have a template of someone’s work?


Based on the current users, program coordinators, accidental techies, and small-to-medium sized team members with small-to-big budgets have benefited the most. 

WizeCove is built for individual memberships much like other professional associations.  Should your organization offer to pay your membership, that is truly a keeper agency! 

Can my organization get a membership?

YES – You can now!

Get your whole team leveraging peers and professional development as soon as possible.  Accounts and community are actually free.

If you’d leverage paid memberships for your staff, please contact us for a quote.  We scale pricing based on the number of staff you think will be active and the size of your budget (based off your latest 990s).

Please contact us at info@kovir.org or info@wizecove.plus to discuss.  

We build wiser workplaces by investing in wiser workers.

Connect Your Way

Stay connected on the device of your choice and where you are most comfortable. Whether on your web browser or through our mobile app (available on Android™1 or iOS2), stay engaged on the go, at home, and where you take your work breaks. 


Register Today

Option 1:  Request your free account to the community on the web at https://wizecove.plus

Option 2:  Request your free account to the community via mobile app:

Option 3:  Upgrade your free account to a paid membership for access to professional development and discounts. More on paid perks here.

Option 4:  Contact Info@WizeCove.plus to start working towards an organization group membership.


What makes WizeCove different?

Great question!  We believe we’ll have wiser communities and wiser work places if we invest in making wiser professionals.  We know that when we invest in those providing the service, your mission impact increases and it’s momentum builds.  Relationships, inclusion, and learning are key pieces in this process.

We also welcome all aspects of the industry knowing that an interdisciplinary approach is the best.

About Kovir LLC:  We are a social enterprise leveraging the strength and system based approaches in our work as organizational and professional development specialists.  We honor the resiliency of your organization as our specialists make improvements with your staff to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  In short, we increase your impact by maximizing your capacity – that’s empowerment!


Equip and empower aging sector workers in supporting older persons, healthy aging, and intergenerational communities.


Wiser communities, wiser workplaces, and wiser professionals.


You are Wise.

Each person, YOU, bring value to your community, workplace, and to WizeCove.  Your knowledge, your experience, your perspective, and likely more.  These are gifts you have that no one can replicate or dismiss.  We celebrate your uniqueness and need it to grow.

We are Wiser.

When a group of individuals allow their unique wisdom to shine, entities see growth and innovation like never before.  We continuously learn from each other while build relationships.

We Build Momentum.

Momentum is mass (all of you) times the rate at which things are changing.  The more of us coming together to create lasting impact, the bigger and faster it will be!

Safety in our Cove.

Not all places or persons are welcoming, and growing in some ways can be overwhelming and scary.  This is a safe place that you can gather, be honest, vulnerable, and ask real questions.

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