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Increasing your Grant and Narrative Writing Capacity

Grant Proposal Process

Having trouble finding grant opportunities?  

Not sure what kind of data to connect to your cause?

Struggling to put what’s in your head into the online submission boxes?

Not sure how to create outcomes?

We can support you.

The KovirPage team takes a wholistic approach to helping you with your grant to give you the best chance at being awarded funds, maintaining a sustainable program, and measuring positive impact.

Research, planning, writing, coaching, editing, and whatever else you need.

We have experience writing to community and family foundations, county funders, collations, and state grants.  Our team has written for and been awarded for operation funds, capital, program support, and pilot program funds.  

Don't have the funds to work one-on-one with us on your grant?

Click here to look at our upcoming live group course “Write and Submit Your Grant in One Month” on our professional development community.

Click here to learn more about our self-paced online course “DIY Grant Writing.”  

Enjoy first lesson is on us!

Other Common Narrative Needs

Board of Director Education

When it comes to non-profit board of directors, the two most common “work-on” areas tend to be lack of in-depth knowledge of the populations they serve AND lack of training on what is expected of them as a board member.

Our favorite project with boards is hands down the director on-boarding packets.  This is a legacy tool addressing both of these pain point areas. We include demographics, trending issues, an engaging method of reading through policies, and a clear description of board expectations.

Our team can make it for you!


Donor Education

Common requests include white papers, annual reports, and presentations.  We see the spectrum and it doesn’t intimidate us!